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Kids, who ever said they were a good idea!!!

To all of you who think that Charlie is one cute little f…., he’s yours.

Turns out that apartment living just isn’t his thing. For starters he has hobbit feet and we all know that nearly two year olds have no idea how to walk lightly, or walk at all. So at 5:30am this morning after one hell of a shocker of a night with him up ever hour crying the place down, he decides that it is also time for Jamie (nayneee) to be up too, which of course meant that we were all up trying to keep the boys from sounding like a heard of elephants were running on the roof of the people below us.

To fill in the missing gaps for those who haven’t heard, our first morning in the apartment we got a phone call from the landlady, the people below complained about the running and sliding wardrobe doors being slammed (all normal 2 & 4 year old behavior on carpeted and concrete floors of a straw bale house on half an acre of farm land with deaf elderly neighbors at least a drive away from us (well compared to the meters between us at the mo).

Having taken Charlie to the doctor on Fri to see what the hell was wrong with him (temps up and one massive cough) $65CND later – he has a cold. Then all weekend long it was trying to keep the poor bugger cool in the apartment from hell. I mean if there is an after life and the powers that be deem it necessary to send me there for stealing chocolate from mum and dad’s corner Diary in the early 70s, I’ll be turning up with beach towel and bordies, thinking this is nice compared to the heat that our apartment generates through the night. It is just bizzare how freaking hot our place gets, ad it’s really got to the boys, considering we came from 3-5°C to mid 30°C and night temps not too much less than that at night in our place.

So any offers, he’s only 20 months, good milage, still moldable as if he was your own, could even learn new languages if necessary.

I know they say it can’t last forever, but at 1,2,3:33-4:30 and 5:30am he is so up for sale – whops I said all the wrong things (crap salesman), he’s a little darling well behaved, we just don’t need a second – hows that.


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