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HSBC Celebration of Light

This evening I was lucky enough to be able to walk down to the waterfront (less than 5 mins from home) to watch the first display in the Celebration of Light festival.

This festival is the largest of it’s kind, and is a fireworks competition between 3 nations each year. This year Spain kicked the show off tonight (wednesday here 5pm Thursday NZ time), with Canada following on sat, then China a week from tonight and the grand finale the following sat night.

These pics and short videos are from the first night – Spain. For each show they are expecting between 300-600,000 people to line the inner harbour (English Bay). I didn’t need to stroll the extra 10mins it would have taken to get there, with (as you see) such a great view.

The really cool thing you’ll notice on the video is the music which was simulcast on Rock 101fm, and my new Sony phone just happens to have a speaker and FM radio. It was a stunning night here in the late teens (probably 18°C) and not a cloud or breath of wind to talk about. False creek was stunning, looking over to the city skyline will never in a thousand years be boring.

Here’s a pic of the events.
HSBC Clebration of Light Vancouver 2007

Sorry about the quality, our cybershot is getting a little old and only has a whopping 3.2 mega pixels with almost no controls.

Here’s a short video of the finale, with the memory filling up about 30 seconds from the end, which got quite spectacular.

I think I have the dubious pleasure of posting the first video on YouTube tonight

So the music you can hear is coming from my wee walkman phone set to FM radio {the rock101fm} speaker phone on, nice that the booms still come through.  Walking all through the park, every second group had a radio of some description playing the background music.

Very ballsey that they opened with Star Wars, but I can see why Spain were one of the favs that was an awesome display, although I don’t know about the Enya music.  The music really added to it though.


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