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Vancouver on the BBC

Classic, just found this.

Vancouver featured on the BBC travel show, in two parts on YouTube.

Part 1


So for those of you who have never been here, here is a middle class clean easy view of the place, nice.

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Vancouver 2 – 2 Seattle

First big Football match

I went to my first Vancouver Whitecaps match tonight. It was good football, Vancouver are defending champions sitting 4th on the table and the game tonight against Seattle who are 2nd of the table promised to be a good one. If only that were true. The league the Vancouver plays in is a North American league just below Beckhams MLS (Major League Soccer). Having watched a lot of football (and I mean a lot) this was at times entertaining – pretty average stuff. Not wanting to sound like a spoil sport, I mean I have a season pass to Otago United FC, now that is bad enough and I support Everton – even worse. But this was OK, considering the league that this is meant to be.

The classic thing about tonight apart from I made a friend, was that the ex-Otago United Keeper of a couple of season who only just left last year is now the Vancouver Keeper – Lutz Pfannensstiel. Talk about a small world. I never imagined that going to a Whitecaps game I’d see a play I know let alone watch week in and week out and take the mickey out of (funny hands player – never reeally know what he’ll do from one minute to the next).

But an even smaller world is the geezer I met tonight at the football. The ticket I bought got me into the post part of the ground – dead boring. So not even venturing into my seat I made a B-Line for the beer tent. Ordering my beer I heard the British accent say “are you a Kiwi”. So it turns out Chris from London had lived in Wellybone for 4 years in Te Aro and had been to Dunedin many a time and love the peninsula. But small world got even smaller when I told him how Janine and I got married in Melrose – his dad is born and bread Galashiels (which is only about 5km from Melrose).

So I have a buddie to go to the remaining 7 home games, even better the boy drinks beer and talks bollocks about important stuff like Premier League Football and UK Indie dance music. I’m going to thursday nights game with him. We have 7 of last 8 games at home, which will help any team. Considering the whitecaps were top of the table and running away with it, 7 losses and a draw in a row they are still in 4th place. Good to have a new team, and even better to be able to call the beautiful game Football again and not bloody soccer (which isn’t an american term, Oxford Uni used it as they didn’t like the rif raf playing the game back in ye olden days).

Some other things you didn’t know about the Vancouver Whitecaps.

They are past champions of the top North American football league, now playing in the second division. David Beckham and the LA Galaxy are coming to town on 3 Oct for a game. They are lookng to build a brand spanking new stadium on the waterfront in Vancouver (sound familiar). We should all check it out though, radical stuff. Brand new stadium and only 150 car parks as many many many people in Vancouver bus, train, taxi, walk or even bike to work in the downtown area.

It was a beautiful summers evening, still about 20°C at 9:30 at full time and the sun just setting over the sea, blah blah.

{Paul here} PS here is the birthday greetings picture that Shaun and Molly sent through to Jamie. Thanks guys so much he loves it and really misses his buddies back in New Zealand big time!!!

Happy Birthday from Shaun and Molly


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