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Get well soon Granny

My mum had her hip done today [after much pain and heartache for bloody years]. By all accounts things went well, so much so the silly trout wants to give away the Moet that I won and gave to mum, to the bloody anesthetist!!! Yeah like he’s never drunk Moet, or been on a golf course or drives a 1983 corolla – still.

At least she’s well and by the time we get home just after the new year Mum and Dad can come to dunedin for some well due RnR.

So from the boys

Get well granny

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Halloween – Oct 31 – Spookieeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyy

Hey guys.

there are benefits to living in a varsity apartments, the amount of people coming to our door is minimal and they are only allowed to trick or treat till 7pm, with 15mins to go there had better be a rush on the sppoks outside or there is a big bowl of ‘candy’ [chocolate to you and me and the rest of the sane world] that will be all Pauls!!!

We did have two wee boys come to the door however?

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