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Becks appeal – Warning Nudity!!!

I was among one of the 48,000 people that made their way to BC Place Stadium last night to see Beckham play against the Vancouver Whitecaps.

LA Galaxy

(thanks http://www.flickr.com/photos/rightantler/1913586125/)

Score Board

On the whole the game was as expected a little disappointing, except that the Vancouver Whitecaps dominated nearly every aspect of the game and blew two golden opportunities to win the game outright (that I didn’t see coming). Becks managed to attract at least 43,000 with the other 5,000 the normal Whitecaps crowd. The Whitecaps have a proud and strong history of football in North America, with the greatest ever player to play for the Whitecaps was the one and only Everton and England legend Alan Ball (who passed away this year). Ball was one of the main players in the 1966 England squad that won the only World Cup for old blighty.
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Diary of a preschooler

Jamie Everton Hayward Le Comte

Hi everyone, Jamie here. These are my preschool photos. Mum said I should tell you a bit about preschool. So here goes. My school is called Lluvia, which sounds like ‘u-vee-a’ when you say it out loud. It means ‘rain’ in Spanish. I asked mum why they would call my preschool ‘rain’, and she said I should ask Dora the Explorer.

My teachers’ names are Krista and Ward. I like them both a lot and they don’t seem to mind when I tell them really really long stories and then can’t remember how the story ends. They say I have a cute accent. I say they sound like crazy Canadians. My best friend at preschool is Eric who is standing next to me in the photo. He is really tall. He is going to ask his mum if I can have a ninja turtle dressup like Eric’s. He is really cool. I also like to play with Dogan (but I call her Durgan) who comes from Iceland. She doesn’t speak any English yet, but she can run really fast. She is sitting in the front and has blond hair like Charlie’s. Lluvia

  • On Mondays we do crafts. We made faces out of clay. I didn’t like that so much.
  • On Tuesday we can do dressups. Krista says I make a beautiful princess.
  • On Wednesdays we sometimes go on a woods walk. We stop and listen to the birds and look at the trees. Then we roll right down a big hill. It gets us really wet. It’s called the rolie polie hill.
  • On Thursday we have music. The teacher is called Chris. I always have lots of things to say to her when she asks questions to the class, but she doesn’t always understand what I am saying. I have no idea why. I can understand her just fine.
  • Everyday we spend time outside playing, even when it is really wet. Mum and Dad got me new boots and a jacket, but I just like to get wet. We are building canals and rivers in the sand out in the playground. We dig holes to make sure the water goes everywhere we want. You should see it. We use the hose to fill it up and watch where the water goes. It is really cool. My favourite thing about playschool is playing big boys’ games like fighting and shooting. I like running and sploshing and stomping in the puddles. I like to tell jokes and make everyone laugh. I just wish we could go fishing too. Lots of love, Jamie (and thanks to mum for writing all this down for me and helping me with the tricky parts.) 


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