Granville Island

You guys may have noticed that Granville Island gets a lot of mention on this travelblog.

There are several very simple reasons for that…

1: The best coffee in Vancouver – Full Stop. (the only thing that compares to a flat white). Agro Cafe
2: Family friendly – The boys love it there, there is always something to look at or play on.
3: Easy to get to – 99B-Line from UBC, 4 stops and a quick walk down Granville St and you are there, or the 84 Downtown, get off at Burrard and walk past the Ferrari and Aston Martin shops!
4: In summer there was the walk to it from 7th Ave apartment (10mins), or the water park which the boys loved.
4: I love it. Wether it’s the coffee or the other reasons above, or the fact that it’s right across the water from Downtown/Yaletown, or the glass blower, the food market… Who knows what it is, at the very least it is always a good fall back option if I draw a blank for what to do with the boys each morning.

Also the fact that despite the fact it was an industrial hub for decades, it has great wild life and has been stunningly landscaped.

Anyway, here’s a pic I took of Charlie today at the entrance to Granville Island, on one of our fall back days.


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