Hey all.

Making the most of an offer of a car for the weekend from some friends, we headed off up to Whistler for the day.

Not the most stylish of people on the hill today, still cool.

Whistler township has a population of about 10,000, but about 2 million visitors. The township is a little over 2100ft, but as it’s only 40km or so from sea level, the drive from sea level at the town of Squamish to Whistler village is pretty straight up. The road is pretty spectacular on account that it hugs the coast where the mountains hit the sea, and the road is undergoing major reconstruction because of the Winter Olympics that is in Vancouver/Whistler in 2010. To get an idea of how bad the road is, think of Arthurs Pass during some of the worst of the road works in the narrowest parts.

However as the town is a little over 120km from Vancouver it only took about 1 3/4 to get there, not bad considering if there is an accident you can be stuck there for hours (hence the major upgrade for the Olympics). The Bon Jovi Album Slippery When Wet was named after the signs that are all over this highway.

The day was stunning, no clouds and really cold. It was opening weekend at Whistler ski field but thankfully all the runs aren’t open yet, so the crowds weren’t very big. Whistler is stunning. The township has a main walkway that is just stunning, with lots of classic alpine shopping. For those who haven’t been, all you need to do is think Queenstown. It’s not bigger, but the mountain is huge and right there – literally you walk to the end of the village walkway down the centre of the town and step onto the chair lifts and gondolas. Queenstown definitely has a larger permanent population and feels more like a home.

The boys had a ball of a time in the snow. The only snow around the town was the piles that had been cleared, which the boys played on non stop. There were plenty of melt-downs and Sasquatch himself was very close to having to little white kiwi boys for dinner, but we don’t talk about that. The day went pretty well and we only wish we had more time to stay and explore, not to mention ski. Still its on the list for next time we are in town.

Some pics.

Nina and boys
Nina and the boys on a mound of snow.

View up the hill from the village walkway. This is the view up Blackcomb which is the other side of the valley from Whistler. Note the glow on the ski field, it was a something reflecting the very late afternoon sun.

Dad and The Boys

Nina and the boys again

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