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Yip, it snowed

But thankfully not as much as on Vancouver Island at a place called Nanaimo (yummy chocolate fudge bar) and further inland, where they have 10-30cm of snow.

It started snowing sat am and then kept going till lunch time, then hit again big time late afternoon. And we are expecting at least 10cm sat night. Poor Nina is on her way to Toronto at 6am Sunday morning (yeah right). Toronto is experiencing huge snow dumps tonight too.

The amazing thing about canada and snow, people just keep driving, slower and more cautious, but with snow tires on, life goes on. This sort of thing back in NZ would have had the cities at a stand still. vancouver city doesn’t get a lot of snow, but they were all able to deal with it.

How did we deal with it. Well the pics show us trying to build a snow man (who is now under snow himself) to get some seasonal pics, and then I got on a bus (late but still running) and went to the supermarket. You can’t go without Eggnog and Rum, or food that is.

So here’s hoping Nina gets to Toronto and gets to talk to the people she needs to meet with for her research and the boys are good for me on my own with them. Yeah boys time, beer marshmallows and tv – how hard can it be.

I’ll get pics of the really deep snow tomorrow and post them asap.

Nina and Charlie

Snow Trees



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