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Happy Birthday Nina


So the day after getting back from an exhausting but worth while trip in the blizzard to Toronto (& Kitchener), it was Nina’s birthday today.

As Charlie puts it Hassy Birday, they boys were very excited giving mum her presents this morning, some shortie PJ’s, her Ralph Lauren Gloves (essential in Toronto snow) and a coffee flask from our fav cafe.

It was a nice morning, the weather is really amazing for this time of year they tell us (apart from the snow). We went exploring a part of UBC we haven’t been to with a nice cafe park and trees. There’s a very cool little Cedar plantation that may have been a ropes course or something that is great to explore in.


The poor thing had a boring afternoon with the boys who managed to deteriorate at the end of the day, so we had a quiet night in in the end. I managed to get some Dry Ribs from the famous Cactus Club as they were our fav last time we were in Vancouver. I also found some yummie Clarins stuff for her.

Looking forward to a big BBQ with our mates back in Dunners next year though, a little boring just the 4 of us.

Jamie and Charlie came out on their bikes today. Charlie’s died (well it was plastic), thankfully we only have a couple of weeks left here. The pic is of Jamie on his bike, whom despite not having been on his bike for a week or so was right back on it – how does the saying go. He’s still to figure out a dismount that doesn’t resemble Evil Kenevil.


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