Leaving Vancouver

Our final couple of days in Vancouver saw my brother and sister-in-law fly over from Dublin as a stop over on their way back to NZ for Xmas with the family.

It was great to see David and Caira, as they have been in Dublin and London for years now, we just don’t get a chance to catch up. They stayed a couple of nights with us and on the day we left Vancouver, they headed up to Whistler for a couple of days in the snow.

The last few days were sad as we had made some great mates and had one hell of a time in Oh Canada. Of course making a couple of sports buddies myself, Jamie in pre-school, Jan over for 6 weeks, Nina’s work, and catching up with our old buddy Gerry, not to mention the travels within North America we both had, made for one hell of an expensive and unforgettable experience. It was really sad to leave Vancouver after only 6 months.

So back to the last few days, they were cleaning and last minute shopping, and of course the role of tour guide for Jamie and I with David and Caira. It was actually really nice to take them on the typical ‘tourist’ rounds of Vancouver, we got to see the town all over for one last time. Of course the weather did it’s best to show Vancouver in all of it’s winter glory and gloom.

The last day itself was madness and you could imagine. Had it not been for Janine’s hard work and forward packing the days before we left we would have been in the poo. I had been selling all of our stuff on Craigslist, only for people to email that they only wanted one or two things from the Kitchen loot, or the TV and not the Vacuum etc. However posting the Kitchen stuff at midnight before we left, I had an instant sale, so all we needed was for people to arrive not to early (one last sweep of the Vacuum) or not too late (plane). So all morning there were knocks on the doors of people collecting stuff. Dave and Caira helped clean and pack stuff up, then took the boys out for a walk so Janine and I could clean the shelves and bathroom etc etc.

The with all of our bags packed, and with the help of Joe our friend whom we met at Dunedin the week before coming our here, who helped for a huge part of the morning lugging things about and in the end taking our luggage to the airport in his buddies pick-up he had borrowed for the day, we finally got to the airport. We got there with heaps of time spare, check-in was a breeze and then we sat down from some relaxing before the potential horror of the flight to London via Frankfurt, but that’s for another post.

So cheers Vancouver you were a blast, and our boys really had one hell of a time there, they loved it even more than we did. This was our third time there and we WILL be back even sooner next time.


Mum Dad and the family unit from NZ to Vancouver and loving it.

joe and the boys

Joe with his biggest Kiwi fans.

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