Roger and Alan

Finally after much telephone tag we were able to borrow Sarah’s car again and head off to see some dear friends of Mum and Dad’s, Roger and Alan. They live in Chessington (Surrey) on the southern edges of London and the theory is that we should have got there in about half an hour. But once again, what the hell is with all of those roads. Not only are they are complete mess, you can be driving down a stretch of road and suddenly without warning or reason it’s a different name, and of course don’t mention those daft road signs, but we got there.

Unfortunately the boys weren’t in the best form, which is a real shame as this was a ball of a visit. Roger and Alan are both long time entertainment industry people which is how Mum met them. Roger is Cliff Richard’s tour manager or something along those lines and met the folks down under years back. Their house is amazing and I can see why they loved mum’, it’s just like her house!!!

The back yard garden is amazing to say the least, words and unfortunately my photos don’t do it justice. The bought the property with an asphalt tennis court out the back, which the ripped up and have planted in the most intricate garden with a maze like path that takes you all around the place. The boys loved it, and Janine was once again in gardening heaven.

The visit was all too short as they are the greatest guys and I would have loved to have spent much longer there, without the boys that is (as Janine would testify).

So thanks Roger and Alan, it was a great all to short visit and we can’t wait to get back to your place again soon. Sorry the pic of the xmas tree, the boys moving is a bummer, I am still to work out the camera and the flash is just too bright.

The Garden

Roger and Alan


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2 responses to “Roger and Alan

  1. mum le comte

    so very pleased you got to visit these dear friends on our be half, cant wait to welcome you four home soon now lots of love mummsie xx

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