Settling back into VYR & UBC

Ok aside from summer making a very very delayed start here in Vancouver, this being our 4th trip back and we’ve been coming here over a decade now, everything is so familiar & easy.

After the compulsory trip to IKEA to deck out the apartment, the trip to Shoppers Drug Mart to get the monthly bus passes, we got our library cards etc etc.  One of the first things we had to do was get back down to Kits beach.

Typically the day we arrived in Vancouver, it was stinking hot (mid 20s) but for us from the middle of winter it felt much hotter.  I’d been listening to YVR radio a lot leading up to our trip here, mainly because I like the music on Rock101 but also because of the Canucks. I’d heard the locals moan about the poor spring & very very late summer.  Little did we realise their moans were with some reason.  Summer was days of 18°C temps with way too many rain bands coming in – not really amounting to much except cool cloudy days.  Yeah yeah I hear you back in Snowy NZ laughing at us with the worlds smallest violins, but last time we landed in Vancouver 2007 same month, it was hot hot hot – not CHCH hot, more sort of 26°C+ and clear calm days.  We were kinda hoping for that again.

Ok grumbles aside, we made the most of it – we are from Dunedin after all, and headed back to a place that we had spent a lot of time, Kits beach. It’s a wonderful place.  Not too many places in the world where you can sun yourself on the beach, with a backdrop of massive skyscrapers, vast forests and 3 ski fields dominating the skyline (and thankfully due to the cool Spring, they had plenty of snow still on them- still have 2 months later).  Kits beach isn’t the best beach on the world, but it’s just so cool – disappointed we haven’t seen the guy with the massive Snake draped around him yet.

Anyway some pics for ya.

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