We are on tour and this is a journal of our trip.Sorry it’s a little long at times, but more than anything else it’s a nice way to keep a journal of the trip, and let the grandparents know what’s up. Posts are going to be erratic until we get into our UBC (University of British Columbia) apartment.   Until then I’ll have to drink lots of coffee (ever heard of a flat white people) for free wi fi.The baner pic is of one of our first days in Vancouver (middle of summer mmm) and it’s a quick pano of the whole False Creek area and our local park only 3-4mins walk from our temporary apartment on West 7th Ave. 

8 responses to “About

  1. Oh, and add an ‘on’ between “are” and “tour” in the blurb, less you sound an uneducated buffoon.

  2. Typooooos changed. I forgot to edit the about us page till well after 1pm last night, too late.

    Got home and there was Charlie the incredible no sleep monster in my bed (we don’t have spare beds in our house), bastard, cute but bastard.

  3. A bit rich of me considering I used “less” instead of “lest”. But then again I am a buffoon.

  4. and I’m just useless

  5. Melissa P

    Loving the blog! The photos are fab!

  6. rex askerud

    hey guys, I finally get to see and hear about your life on the other side of the world…sooo much blue sky! Will look in again happy birthday Paul and to Charlie

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