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More Batman

The photographer from the store emailed the pics of Batman and Batboy.

The cuddle was when he first met him, and all the staff went “ahhhwwwwlllll”. Very cute.

The second one Janine is intensely embarrassed as Batman was asking who made his outfit. The fleece cut-out bat on the back is cool in NZ.

The last one was when I was taking a pic of the two of them (you get some idea of the size of the guy), but don’t you just love the intensity in his face, he was so proud of being dubbed Batboy.





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And it snowed…

{ed update – so I’ve just checked the Dunedin weather and it’s 22°C and slightly nor-wester, hmmm}

Ok without a doubt this is the heaviest snowfall I have ever been in. It’s incredible. We’ve all seen those images from american TV where the town is under several feet of snow, I can now see how this happens.

It snowed over night, but Janine’s flight got away ok, but then started again this morning while we were at Granville Island for the ritual coffee. Then with UBC being quite high up, the bus ride home was a little hairy to say the least. They are big powerful machines, but when they start going sideways, they go sideways. Still we got home and everyone is safe and warm. We’re going out for one last play in it this afternoon and get as many pics as possible, as there is rain and warmer temps due tomorrow. So 12°C with up to 80mm of rain with all of this snow will bring flooding and all sorts of mess down town.

With Janine in Toronto, the boys are just going to hunker down to some TV over dosing. I wonder if Rum in their Eggnog is illegal – most other things in this country are.

4th and Vine
4th and Fir @ Granville Island

The Boys
Outside Agro Cafe, Granville Island this morning before the big dump

Nice n cold
Outside our apartment

Winter, and…

Spring (more or less the same trees)

Outside the apartment, kids having fun

Feeble attempt, no decoration but still big (that’s what it’s all about)



big snowman
Big enough for ya

So then to really make things messy, the rain has started and we are above 0°C for the first time today with 90-100mm due by tomorrow late afternoon, what a mess we are in for.

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Holly Snow Batman

Hey guys, two things.

First the start of winter is still one month away and we have snow everywhere with predictions of up to 10-30cm in and around Vancouver!!! Still at least we aren’t in Manitoba where there are sever weather warnings again, yesterday the temps got up to -37°C and -41°C!!

The other thing was, last night Jamie met his hero Batman, who was so impressed with his dress-ups that he officially named Jamie BatBoy.

Batman was at the opening of a new Best Buy (Noel Lemings type) store out at Metrotown (huge freaking mall 5x riccarton). The line up was long and it was all boys 5-25 there to meet the caped crusader. Jamie was the ONLY one who put on his batman gear, and everyone was so impressed.

Thankfully there was an official photographer and he’s going to email me the pics, as my camera doesn’t do such a good job focusing in low light. Batman was so impressed with Jamie’s outfit that he talked extra long to him (they were trying to get the boys through fast) and asked him all about his uniform where he was from etc etc. It was so cool and all the staff and parents watching all went “ah” when Jamie walked up to Batman and gave him a huge hug.



PS Batman is Huge!!!


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